Bracelet "Stacey's Mom"

Sold out

Based on the model "Stacey's Neverland".  Stacey's mom liked the style and we created the same bracelet in other colors.

  • 1x blue/purple natural sea sediment stone connector
  • 1x bronze life tree pendant
  • 4x faceted agate
  • 1x natural white rock crystal
  • 2x spring vibe Persian jade stone
  • 4x rose red tiger eye
  • 1x limegreen Pandora glass bead
  • 6x small Brazilian Emerald
  • 1x antique gold vintage tulip
  • 1x antique gold toggle clasp

Sold out for now but we can re-create it for you.  Send us a message at

You can also have a look at the model "Neverland".  It is the same bracelet, but with a different colour connector.