Our Partners

Ever wondered why there is a microphone in the logo of Resist2it?  Do you recognize it when seeing this logo?

Voice2it is a creative platform with pop and dance music.
Voice2it and Resist2it are working together under the same umbrella and have a unique concept, as described in our mission statement.  The studio of Voice2it is the creative place where you can visit the showroom of Resist2it and where the interviews are being made.
Voice2it is powered by Sam's Studio Company.

Jules' Lifestyle Passions is a luxury second hand (web) shop that sells clothing, shoes and accessories.  On her quest for a self-made product, Jules started creating the bracelets for Resist2it.

Sam's Studio

Sam's Studio in Meer, Belgium, is the home of Voice2it and Resist2it.


(The new website for Sams' Studio is currently under construction.  In the meantime, you can get in touch through the Voice2it website)