Bracelet "Blue Butterfly"


Knotted bracelet in blue and brownish tones with a golden butterfly charm and a turquoise buddha.

  • Dark blue natural stone multicolor Cloisonne jaspers
  • Hematite stone flat round spacer beads
  • Emerald color acrylic gold flower charm 
  • Beige jades agates faceted oval 
  • Orange natural stone matte imperial America jasper
  • Tiger eye
  • Faceted tiger eye
  • Blue mother of pearl drop shaped charm
  • Fine gold colored toggle clasp

The size of this bracelet is approx. 22 cm.  

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Blue Cloisonné Jasper healing properties

Blue Cloisonné Jasper is a stone that has been used since antiquity. It's found in China, Brazil, India, and the USA. The name "cloisonné" refers to a technique for enameling that was developed in France. 

The color of Blue Cloisonné Jasper comes from iron oxide deposits in the stone itself, which gives the stone its deep blue hue when cut into cabochons or beads. This beautiful mineral has been prized for millennia because of its striking color and patterning, making it an ideal addition to any collection that wants to stand out from the crowd. 

It is one of the most sought-after stones in the world, and it's been used for jewelry since ancient times. It's also commonly used in artworks, sculptures, and other decorations because of its beautiful coloration. 

Blue Cloisonné Jasper is a stone with a long and varied history, which can be traced back to ancient China. It has been used in religious ceremonies, as well as in medicine and jewelry. However, it wasn't until the 18th century that the stone became popular on a global scale. This was largely due to its use in the creation of Chinese blue-and-white porcelain, which was exported across Europe and Asia. The stone's popularity continued through much of the 19th century up to this day.