Bracelet "Flaming Autumn"


This bracelet is a variant of the bracelet Healing Autumn.   This Flaming Autumn is the same design, but instead of the Unakite, we used the natural flame stone beads Yooperlite (a glowing stone when placed under UV-light). 

Yooperlite is a healing crystal that is used to improve the body, mind, and spirit. 

The toggle clasp is in gold color, as is our Resist2it charm with the microphone on the back.

  • Healing Magenta Rose Tiger Eye stone
  • American Yooperlite
  • White crystal
  • Faceted freeform green jasper
  • Gold colored toggle clasp
  • Rhodonite charms and more...

The size of the bracelet is approx. 22 cm.

(If you need it longer or shorter, you can send us a message at