Bracelet "Tander's Expectation"


This bracelet has a special meaning.  It was designed for a woman who is pregnant with a girl.  Therefore, we used some pink beads in the design.  But the green/pink stones (Unakite) are even more important.  

According to some practitioners, Unakite is the essential companion for would-be mothers. It’s often used to enhance fertility and grants protection over mothers during pregnancy.  Besides that, Unakite has a lot more benefits and is used a lot by healers.

Besides that, the bracelet is just beautiful.  


  • Green freeform faceted jasper
  • Unakite
  • Natural white rock crystal
  • Antique gold vintage tulip
  • Life tree pendant
  • Antique gold toggle clasp

The size of the bracelet is approx. 21 cm.

(If you need it longer or shorter, you can send us a message at